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Introducing our Cake It Forward Sponsorship Program! At our cakery, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the simple pleasure of cake, regardless of their circumstances. With many reasons someone may not be able to afford or provide a cake for an event, such as job loss, hard times, illness, and more, we want to make sure that no one goes without on their special days. Through our program, you can sponsor a cake or dessert for someone in need, ensuring that no child goes without on their birthdays, and that anyone can enjoy a sweet treat during difficult times. Give the gift of cake and spread joy with our Cake It Forward sponsorship program.


How does this work?

Sponsors: As a sponsor, you are purchasing and providing a cake to a family that has been approved to receive a sponsored cake or dessert by Clo's Cakery. You can purchase an existing active sponsorship, OR you can purchase a future sponsorship. As a sponsor you will receive a photo of the finished cake, a note from the recipient, and a thank you gift from Clo's Cakery. This is also a tax-deductible donation.

Recipients: As a recipient, you must fill out the registration form on this page. Your anonymity is important, and your information or personal situations will never be shared unless you wish it to be. Once approved, we will go over your options and you will be listed on the active sponsorship registry. If your sponsorship is fulfilled, you will receive order on your chosen date.

What qualifies me to be a recipient?

We understand that situations and circumstances arise that are out of your control. I encourage you to apply and tell us your story!

What can the cake be for?

The cake can be used for any approved event. Proof of event or circumstance is required.

Can I design the cake?

Yes, the recipient can choose flavors, designs, etc. within the budgeted limits.

As a recipient, do I need to disclose anything to the Sponsor?

Absolutely not. We take care of communicating with the sponsor, and if you choose to, we may share personal information regarding your circumstance to the sponsor but only if you want us to. 

Where is cake pickup?

Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Can I apply for someone else who I think deserves a sponsored cake?

Yes, we love paying it forward for people who deserve it!

register to receive a sponsored cake

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